Fabrication and Construction

Elshcon offers a flexible approach to fabrication and construction solutions, with a range of fabrication options to fit clients' specific needs.

Marine Logistics and Vessel Chartering

Highly experienced in marine vessel and barge chartering, we provide specialised logistics, maritime

Jetty and Supply Base Services

At Elshcon we place huge importance on safety and efficiency when it comes to choosing a jetty management and supply base service.


Founded in 1990, Elshcon is an integrated Nigerian indigenous group of companies operating in the energy and maritime sectors with focus on value, client satisfaction and retention. Our management expertise and experience in the oil and gas & maritime industry is second to none– with our deep understanding of industry requirements, we provide a one-stop-shop for our customers.
Fabrication and Construction
Marine Logistics & Vessel Chartering
Jetty and Supply Base Services
Ship/Boat Building & Repairs
Deck Machinery and Fendering Systems

To be a leading indigenous company providing high value technical services in Pipelines & Facilities construction, Marine support & Marine logistics operations in Nigeria.

Our Commitments

Safety – Safety is a core commitment at Elshcon. Fundamental to the successful deployment of our services, we work with our clients to understand and develop controls for project safety risks.

Quality Assurance – Elshcon is committed to the provision of excellent products and services to clients through the application of quality management principles in our processes and activities, from engineering, procurement, production, installation, commissioning, maintenance to marine operations. ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

Innovation – We acknowledge the fast growing need for innovative business solutions within the energy and marine industries. In our company we adopt an innovative approach that is imbibed in our corporate culture. We believe ideas rule the world and there is never a fixed method to providing solutions for clients.

Proudly Nigerian – The need to maximise exposure to the local market and fostering utilisation of local skills and resources are vital to the economic competitiveness of Elshcon. This translates to creating business opportunities that will bring development to Nigeria and Africa at large.


To execute and deliver all our operations with well- motivated staff to achieve high quality, timely, satisfactory and safe services to our clients with an attendant profitable growth.

We acknowledge the fast growing need for innovative business solutions within the energy and marine industries.

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