ELSHCON NIGERIA LIMITED is committed to providing defect-free and highest value products and services that meet and exceed our customer’s expectation as well as legal requirements through the application of the Quality Management system principles.

ELSHCON’s top management works towards the continual improvement and the effectiveness of our Quality Management System by establishing quality objectives at relevant functions and levels within the company.

This Quality Policy and objective are communicated and understood throughout the company for implementation and are reviewed for continuing suitability.


ELSHCON NIGERIA LIMITED (ENL) is committed to the promotion of Health, safety and protections of its environment at all levels of its operations in marine services and pipeline facility management.

ENL activities will be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as:

  • To demonstrate a continued commitment to protect and promote the safety and health of its work force, contractors and visitors.
  • To identify hazards and associated risks in her activities and apply suitable precautionary and control measures to reduce them to ALARP.
  • To comply with all relevant legislations/regulations, codes and standard of practice.
  • To set HSE Objectives and targets relevant to her operations and strive continually to improve HSE standards.
  • All HSE incidents/accidents shall be reported and investigated and appropriate actions implemented to prevent recurrence.
  • To ensure that work activities carried out by the company and its contractors do not have adverse effects on its operating environment, assets and people.

employees and contractors shall be consulted on matters which may affect their HSE in connection with any responsibility or duty which may be assigned to them.

the policy will be reviewed at least once a year, and amended where necessary to take new legislation, standards and codes of practice, objectives and targets. the amendments or changes may only be authorised by the Managing Director and communicated to relevant stakeholders.

this policy is applicable to all operations and premises controlled or occupied by ELSHCON NIGERIA LIMITED