Marine Solutions

We Understand Your Requirements

Nigeria’s energy market is more dynamic than ever, with demand expected to keep rising while resources become more diverse, competition keener and implementation of holistic community engagement methods become crucial. The sector tends to operate in harsh and challenging conditions, often in remote, difficult terrain areas with hostile elements. To meet these challenges, companies in the sector must invest in new technologies and approaches while always looking for ways to balance risks and costs.

In the face of these challenges, energy companies are redefining their business models with a view to outsourcing more of their non-core activities. In particular, they are looking to logistics suppliers specialized in the sector to gain access to technology and talent, while cutting costs and sharpening their focus on their core business.

At Elshcon, we have vast expertise and knowledge in Nigeria’s oil & gas industry. We combine the advantages of a relatively compact organisation with innovative processes. Our unique and extensive experience in offshore and onshore transportation, allows us to provide specialised logistics, maritime and support services tailored to the needs of the energy sector.

With strong relationships with the most trusted names in the industry, we provide the most reliable, efficient, compliant, safe and budget conscious logistics services available.

In a bid to deliver without compromise, we work closely with clients to ensure safe and reliable end-to-end transportation, handling and installation of onshore and offshore cargos and equipment.

Our Core Solutions:

  • Maritime Transportation
  • Offshore Support & Towage
  • Project Management

We provide:

  • Offshore Support Vessels – AHTS, AHT, PSVs etc.
  • Barges – Accommodation/Work, Cargo etc.
  • Various Inland Vessels – Tugs, Houseboats, Barges etc.

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